My Headline one in the Main

Hi boys. I'm Tina. Everyone touched each other's butts, and it was great. And I'm gonna read it to the whole school myself. Dear Diary: Tonight I'm sneaking off to the abandoned taffy factory to look for treasure. Also, if boys had uteruses, they'd be called duderuses. Dr. Yap is dreamy. When he's looking at my molars, it's like he's looking into my soul. Let's raise our glasses! If you need me, I'll be down here on the floor. Dying. Time for the charm bomb to explode. I need both ears to hold up my glasses.

Brr, it sure is cold in here. I wish some strong, chivalrous man would lend me his jacket, or his pants. I guess she doesn't like wearing clothes. I'm just not sure if I'll be any good on the grill with one free hand. The second time hurt the most. Not if you're a fish. We can make this work.

This is my Headline two

Gene, you saved us. I owe you my life. I didn't know our county was bi. Good for us. YOU GORGEOUS IDIOT! It's a mating list for when the world ends. Can I get your email? Butts. The hand wants what the hand wants. I can't tell where your back ends and your butt begins. I want a dry erase board so I can write down all my private thoughts and then erase them immediately.