Classic Kiwiana Attire

Here are a few clothing items New Zealands are known for, are apart of "kiwiana" and can be seen worn on a daily basis.


Rain boots are called "gumboots" "wellies" or "Redbands" (after a popular brand), and are considered essential foot wear for farmers and everyone else during the winter season. The farming town of Taihape in the North Island proclaims itself "Gumboot capital of the World" and has annual competitions and events such as Gumboot Day, where gumboots are thrown.


The word ‘jandal’ comes from ‘Japanese sandal’ other countries call these ‘thongs or flip-flops’. Favored summertime footwear for most New Zealanders, an important part of any Kiwi wardrobe jandals can be worn just about anywhere – from the beach to the pub – they were always a fashion statement on their own. As far as size went, as long as it was bigger than your foot, it was a good fit. Made entirely from rubber, they lasted for years and only when the thong between the toes broke, was it time to invest in a new pair.


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